Friday, May 6, 2011

Four-lettered word.

Time ManagementImage by Intersection Consulting via FlickrWork. Not work like I knew it, all cheat suits and management buzz word bingo.  Still very much work though.  In fact it occurs to me that maybe I should quantify the difference in scale.  I'm currently working for a business that is 0.0025% smaller in terms of staff or budget than my last employer.

What I love is trying to figure out my place, my role.  Like all businesses, nothings perfect and everything could be improved.  Nothing appears to be completely rational to the new eye.  However, the different perspective that a smaller business brings is refreshing.

No one expects a large organization to be rational and sharply focused, they grow like mold - sometimes fast, sometimes slow and with only a modicum of predictability.  Hmm, that reads a little jaded, perhaps I spent too long in my last job!

In the little company, everything seems personal. "We do it like that because 'so-and-so' set it up, I keep meaning to tidy it up and make it slicker but I've never managed to get around to it."  So my work is becoming all about focus and priority and time management.

Which led me here, of course.  What's happened?  I haven't gotten round to writing this blog for an age, so it must be me who needs the focus and time management!
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