Friday, April 15, 2011

Couldn't see for looking.

Right that's it, you're in my shoes now.  Erm, sorry about all the medicated talc but it's the only way to, er... too much information.  Look here's the thing.  You never really liked work much.  There were these odd little bits where you got to do something a little cool, something that made you a little proud, but usually it wasn't something you could tell anyone about.  Not that it was secret, all cloak and dagger, intelligence, special ops, etc.  Just that it was so difficult to explain, or had no relevance outside of the UK defense / government community.  It wasn't worth the effort.

Then you get your big break, a career break.  You get to look after your kids while your other half brings home the bacon.  And you love it.  It's tough, but it's rewarding.  You discover that you have more self resolve and strength of will than you ever realized.  Ever argued a 3 year old into submission?  Ever explained to a 6 year old why you need to go to the grocery store and not to the Game Stop?

Now in order for good things to remain good, they need to change.  You thought you needed to get a job.  You know, like the last one.  One where you wear a suit and use obscure, unfathomable language at endless meetings.  However the corporate job descriptions leave you cold and you find the help wanted ads on Craigslist far more enticing.

All you want really, is to work in a small business where your contribution is truly essential.  A business that uses technology, unites people, is able to grow and has a great team of interesting people.

Imagine that before you even started you job search properly, a good friend offered to give you work; a few days a week in his production company.  His company does web streaming and video production and lights and sound... So why did you ignore his offer and waste time looking at corporate America?

I have no answer.  I start on Monday.
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