Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer Shenanigans

The Silver Dream Machine & a younger me
(apparently I wasn't going fast enough to get into shot)
Summer camps are an odd business.  It seems the more we spend on them, the less happy my children are.  Sometimes I think we should just kick them out on the street at 9am with a watch and an instruction not to return till the next meal time... it worked for me...

Well, maybe it didn't.   There were quite a few incidents with a local farmer.  And, I suppose there was that time I got caught riding a motorcycle on the Queen's highway without a helmet, or insurance, or a license (I was only 12)  and the motorcycle was just a little less than road worthy.  Hmm.  I've said too much already, never did tell my parents about that one.

Reminiscing  my misdemeanors has just reminded me of a friend's tale of woe.  His parents went on holiday and for the first time, they decided he was now old enough to be able to stay at home himself.  I think he was 16 or 17.  When his parents returned, his father went straight to the drinks cabinet.  He grabbed his bottle of single malt whisky and immediately turned it upside down...  He had marked how full the bottle was when he left...but he had marked it with the bottle upturned.  My friend had looked for any kind of marking that would show how much whisky remained, but unfortunately had not predicted this technique...  My guess is, that his dad had drunk the whisky the first time he was left alone too!  Not surprisingly, I didn't see my friend for a while after that incident.  But the whisky was very nice... ;-)

I guess I'm just grumpy about the cost of summer camps.  It seems summer is the time for increased expense in Southern California.  There's the cost of running the aircon.  Extra use of water.  Summer camps. Vacation?  Some chance...  But then again, we are living in a veritable giant playground!  That's it, we're off to the beach...