Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The end and the beginning.

I started this blog because I had damp shorts. 

I was sitting at the edge of a pool trying to persuade my youngest son to take part in his swimming lessons. 

He's a 'spirited' child and he wasn't convinced in the utility of the activity. 

He was 3 then and so he frequently expressed that I was still failing to convince him... through the medium of performance art; aka tantrums.

Eventually I became unconvinced of the utility of his swimming lessons too. They were just expensive, emotionally-draining paddling sessions.

I started this blog Aug 2nd, 2010 and Lachlan started swimming fully unaided last year (2015)! However my blogging ground to a halt much earlier. 

So now what?

I know I should really be blogging and making videos about digital marketing for my QuirkyBranding endeavor. But for some reason I hesitate. Ultimately I procrastinate.

Lately I've been taking my wife's storytelling classes and so twice now I've stood up in front of an audience to tell a truthful, personal story without notes or prompts.  (See the videos in the sidebar)

Surely I should be able to start writing a blog post once in a while?
Perhaps I should start back here at

I think I'm virtually sitting at the edge of another pool, except this time it's me that needs to start swimming. 

I know I'm not alone in this affliction. 

Every business owner I talk to struggles with this. They know they should be blogging, they should be posting on social media, and now video is THE thing to be doing. 

But the business work is never finished, and the business is what they're good at, and learning new content creation skills takes time, and they're not a good writer, and they hate hearing their voice or seeing their face on video, and.. , and...

But I know how to create content. I know how to build email lists, shoot videos, share posts, design leadpages... I should have no excuse. 

My excuse? 
Fear  - Just like Lachlan's fear of swimming. 

Fear that I'll write something that's plain wrong. 

Fear that I'll be ridiculed. 


Well, we all know fear sucks... 

So I guess I better get started!

What's stopping you?