Friday, January 7, 2011

Financial Viewpoint From Our 8 Year Old

Our eldest has started to understand the world of finance.

First he started to grasp the concept that I couldn't afford to buy him toys every time we went  to a store.  Perhaps telling him we could either buy a toy or food for dinner was a little dramatic... but it worked (he was hungry!)

We have 4 'Aunties' visiting at the moment and so the other day they took him to the beach.  He was very pleased to be considered old enough to 'look after' the Aunties by himself.  Whilst out with the Aunties, one Aunty delayed their return to the car (and his Nintendo) saying she needed to go to the ATM to get cash.  Our boy responded, "If you need cash, then why don't you get a job?"  At least he gets the principle, his brother thinks Lynn works for chocolate brownies - and frankly he's content to let her go to work so long as she returns with the brownies.

And then, whilst at the local supermarket, my eldest pointed out to me that they are hiring at the moment...  I think he's just keen for me to start earning, so we won't have to choose between toys and food!

In fact I think he might understand finance better than me, currently all my effort is centered around charity and non-profit enterprises.  Lynn and one of the 'Aunties' will be performing at the Stella Adler - LA with all profits going to the school - see here for info and tickets.  Once that's over I'll return to my other formative obsession of how to help my friends use social media and internet mapping software for their charity cycle rides.  One's planning to go LA to NY in aid of Parkinsons charities and the other is already booked to do the San Francisco to LA Aids/Lifecycle.