Monday, January 3, 2011

New year, same old apologies...

1/1/11 was a funny day for me.  Well, not initially.  You see our Hogmanay celebrations were very good indeed.  I even won the 'best dressed man' award at a pajama party (skilful use of a Ferguson tie and an Ekky Thump hat).  In fact it was all so good that I didn't get to sleep till 2:30... and then my youngest awoke at 4:30 for half an hour of intense negotiations, followed by a too-short 3 hour nap.

So I was a little tired starting this new year.  I'm never quite at my best in the morning and so I met the day particularly grumpily.

I couldn't shake my mood till I became aware of something idiotic.  For some unknown reason, I'd not noticed a little error in my last blog post of 2010.  I'll call it a typo, though I made the same error twice (including the title!).  You see the Scottish toast is spelt, Slainte Mhath... I even linked to a definition page with the correct spelling.  I dropped the 'T' in Mhath - I fear I may be called Mr Weddle in future!

This error made me laugh a lot, though not as much as Mrs T.  You see, I'd avoided asking her to proof read the offending blog post because Lynn had 'edited' a previous draft to a point that I became overly huffy as I no longer recognised as my own.

So I start the New Year with an apology.  I sincerely apologise for my errors and my grumpiness of 2010.  To try to make amends, my New Year's resolutions are to be more open to seek help and to try to laugh a little more.  ;-)