Monday, March 21, 2011

It's not just me.

You could be forgiven for thinking it's just me, but it's not.  I know there's probably quite a few stay at home dads out there in the world.  There's probably quite a few that have partners bringing home the bacon, so to speak.  There's probably quite a few living in Los Angeles.  I guess there's some whose partner is a performer / comedienne.  But have they also come here from the UK?  Did they have a 'proper' job back there? Did they come here in the last couple of years?  Do they have 2 kids?

Well apparently yes.  I met Dan a couple of weeks ago, when we met up at his house.  We know his wife, Julia Morris, through our visits to the Edinburgh Festival and, er, "happy nonsense" in the bars of comedy venues.  So it was a new experience to be meeting again after quite a few years, the smell of stale beer replaced with... Acht, yes we had those conversations about diapers and sleeping and tantrums and those comedy moments that only a toddler can provide. 

Back to the point.  Dan.  He suffers the same visa issues as I.  The ladies have their visas to work due the Department of Homeland Security agreeing to their 'extraordinary ability.'  Dan and I both have MBAs - I forgot to mention that in the similarities!   Despite the qualifications and career experience we've not yet been recognized for our abilities by the folks at the Department of Homeland Security.  So we arrived here with the same rights as our children, mere dependents, draining the resources of our wives of extraordinary ability...

We had a lot to talk about and, both being from the UK, we could understand each other a full speed chat.  He also has suffered the stunned looks and completely made up coffee orders - and he doesn't even have a strong an accent.  So cutting to the chase, Lynn and Julia are accusing us of having a bro'mance.

We met up last week and that's where I started to notice the differences.  I'd say we're both comfortable in our roles and completely unchallenged in our masculinity.  However, Dan has two girls.  He's surrounded by girls all day every day.  So Dan's first suggestion as to where we should meet.... a gun club!  When we discovered it was closed during the day, he followed up suggesting a batting cage.  I wonder if he's a little bored of princesses and make up?  I'd have been happy with a latte and a mani pedi.... ;-)

Dan's bendy bat courtesy of Blackberry Bold

There's nothing quite like wondering what it will be like to have baseballs be fired at you at 50 mph.  The experience was surprisingly fun.  Both of us managed to hit about 80% of the little missiles and I think I may have discovered a new respect for this sport.  Soon I'll be a proper man, able to hold conversations with America men about baseball and bullets - and all thanks to the effect of Julia and Dan's beautiful princesses.
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