Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just an idea.

So Lynn had this idea.  It started a while back and it still hasn't gone away.  It scares me.  Actually it scares me quite a bit.

So here's the idea, as best I can explain it.  Lynn is writing a play for an English actor.  It's for the "Biographies In A Bag" series, but there's a specific challenge to conquer.  The actor is pretty much confined to his bedroom as he fights MS.  So he can't tread the boards of the stage, but he could appear projected on a screen on stage...  And his projected image could act alongside another actor... And we could stream this performance back to our friend in his bed, so that he can witness his own performance.

One of the nicest pieces of feedback from our live stream of Rachel Ogilvy's performance was from a lady, who thanked us as she enjoyed watching great theatre without having to plan her evening around wheelchair access.  So clearly we must continue, and to continue we must push some more boundaries.

Our actor is known for his fantastic improv work and his performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  So how about he has his Hollywood debut streamed to a theatre in Edinburgh as part of the festival?  And how about we stream him live to both theatres?  And how about we live stream Elvis watching the live stream of both theatres?

With technology there are few limits, only budgets and timescales and risks, though I'm not sure how interested Elvis is in theatre anymore.