Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Predict the Future.

Bedford Bridge from Antiquities of England (17...Image via WikipediaI drafted this blog entry earlier this month, but didn't press publish because I felt it needed something else.

"A long time ago, in fact more than 15 years ago, I lived in Bedford, England.  It's a small town north of London known for brick works and John Bunyan who spent 12 years in Bedford Gaol (where he wrote The Pilgrims Progress).

While in Bedford, I worked for the Royal Air Force Signals Engineering Establishment at RAF Henlow and rented a room from a Mr Philip Bunnage.  Phil and I were in our mid twenties and quite often bored.  Mostly we attempted to cure the boredom with beer or motorcycles (beer and motorcycles don't mix).

If I was feeling particularly negative, I would say we wasted our time there.  However in California speak I'd say that I think we figured out what was important to each of us, and slowly made the moves which ultimately set us up for the rest of our lives... Sentences like that almost make me shiver, brrr!

Phil now lives in New Zealand and our other flat mate (room mate in US speak?) from then, Mike, now lives in Tasmania.  So Bedford may well have spurred us all on to see a bit more of the world.

Phil visited me last weekend, he was on his way back to New Zealand and so stopped over in LA for 2 nights.  He'd just crewed on a yacht from Australia to Brazil, taking nearly 6 months and spending quite a bit of the time in Africa.  He phoned me from Panama and I was blown away by how odd that seemed, and how far from Bedford we'd come.

They say that you can never predict never future, and I think I've just witnessed proof of this saying.  I know that when in Bedford, no one, not ourselves, not our critics, not our friends, would have predicted correctly where we'd be in 15 years time.  I really hope that the next 15 years are just as positive, thrilling and productive, but I won't be attempting to make any predictions. Brrr!"
Phil had mentioned how, whilst he had been sailing, there was the big earthquake in Christchurch, NZ and how weird it was to have to rely on friends to check for damage to his house and vehicles (as I said we share the obsession for motorcycles, except he has 5 and I now have none).  As it turns out, he got home just in time to inspect the damage from the last quake and then experience the full effect of the recent 6.3 magnitude quake.  Who would have predicted that?

I found this video which makes me think how Phil would react to an earthquake... except replace the glass of wine with a beer and the TV for his beloved motorcycles... I'm so glad he's ok.

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