Thursday, February 24, 2011

Window Shopping.

Note: Old table and chairs by Craig's List
The past few weeks I've been mostly obsessing about windows.  Our 100 year old house in London was too drafty and hence costly to heat even when we lived there over 2 years ago.  So when our friend, who now rents the house from us, mentioned "slight troubles with the windows," we knew it was time to reach deep into our pockets. Ouch!  Now you probably already know how little I like spending money on anything without 'cycle' in its name... so that was tough.

Actually the UK end was sort of easy.  Our friend did the leg work, got the quotes and we suddenly realized that we really didn't care about the aesthetic anymore.  When we lived there, we could never decide what to do. Should we retrofit new wooden replicas of the original sash windows or buy plastic doesn't-really-look-a-likey versions?  When you're sure that your not returning, you just want cheap, solid and low maintenance.

Here has been trickier.  Removing two very small stained glass windows in an exposed brick wall caused lots of discussions and horrified looks.  I sat on the fence mostly.  The stained glass windows were decrepit, ugly, noisy, drafty and required unsightly bars to make them secure.  The brick wall was disgustingly dirty, dusty, salt-stained and sucked light from the room.  Hopefully, you can tell from my description that I remained open and malleable to all other viewpoints. ;-)

People love brick - it's sort of rare here, I think because the earthquakes demolish it so readily.  The day we had the first coat of primer on the wall a visitor remarked, "Aren't you just really tempted to have it shot blasted back to the bare brick?!"

And like the brick, people love stained glass windows here too.  Lynn has also fallen for them.  So now 4 tiny, buckled, rotten and bowed windows sit in our garage.  I expect they'll remain there for about at least a year or so, but if you know where I should, or just could, sell such things then please let me know where to offload them and I'll happily donate a cut to a charity of your choice.
Note: New table and chairs by Craig's List
Well I think it looks a lot better, so there!  If you disagree, then by all means drop me a comment once you've left a donation to the Cumbernauld House Trust.  Some things are worth keeping and others are just tired dusty walls with rotten windows...
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