Saturday, March 17, 2012


Yep, we're daft.  Creating a video for every day is fun.  It is, honestly.  Especially when you get great people to help with the creation.  But there are certain days where it seems that nothing has ever happened, or certainly nothing worth joking about.  And then there's days like St Patrick's, where the main event is like a big elephant in the room and it can't sensibly be ignored.

When we were planning this project, we'd expected that nearly all of the videos would be of Lynn.  The videos would show off Lynn's talents and keeping everything in house (literally), would keep things simple.  We then thought that we might be able to persuade some friends to do a few days here and there, to keep things more interesting.  So first we made some test videos and sent them out to friends for some feedback.  Then two things happened, one we realized that it would be too much for Lynn to perform them all and two, lots of our friends loved the idea so much, that they wanted to help write or perform them.

So I guess we're not the only daft ones.  In fact, I think our St Patrick's Day video proves that!  Tightly scripted and just as tightly choreographed... ;-)

Sometimes it all seems to be too much work and I think we're being beyond merely daft.  And then we have another amazing experience.  Like on Friday, we shot 4 videos with Kathy Baker and I still chuckle thinking about them.  Her first airing will be for Friday March 23rd and I can't wait to share it.  I am that daft.

P.S.  The website is up now and it has the youtube versions of the videos embedded, so smartphone users can get to watch more easily.