Monday, March 12, 2012

JFDI - One Week In.

We've been merrily filming, editing and posting our videos for over a week now.  And we're tired.   So tired that sometimes I find myself staring the computer screen, unaware that I'm even looking at it.

I've made a few mistakes.  Had to reedit.  Had to re-upload.  Had to return home for the letter that I'd set off to post.

Did we under estimate the workload?  Perhaps.

Did we underestimate the obsession?  Definitely.

But here's the rub. I've never felt so alive, so energized and so fulfilled.... Hmm, if I'd read or heard someone else say that, I'd assume that they were lying, or delusional, or both.  Perhaps I am deluding myself, but boy is it fun.  I must delude myself more often!

We film at home.  When people arrive they usually seem a little nervous.  Perhaps that's because of the big steel 'drug dealer style' front door that we still haven't changed, or maybe it's the feeling that internet videos are still considered to be a bit like the wild west.  Soon though, there's coffee and chat and we head up to our makeshift studio, with it's big green screen and bright lights.  Then it's all fun.  Lynn directs.  The scripts are tailored to precisely fit the performer through practice, reviews and re-takes till we're all content.

Lynn tells me that not all shoots are like that.  There can be a fair amount of tension and stress.  Perhaps that's the effect of the budgetary risk.  We haven't got a budget to risk.  We're just risking our time.

I had a wonderful lesson on Friday.  A script just didn't work, so Lynn went downstairs to see what other options she had to hand.  The idea being, that meanwhile I would shoot the next script without her direction, by myself...  So I recorded Jeremy talking about the spring equinox.  And then it was up to me to give direction, give him notes.  There was silence.  A lot of it.  Then we just laughed, it was so obvious that I had absolutely no idea what to do!

I do the studio setup, the camera, the lights, the sound, the editing, the uploading and a whole lot more.  On Friday I got a glimpse of just how much Lynn provides.  She directs the writing, the performers, the editing and a whole lot more.  It's a good feeling to be in awe of your wife.

P.S. Our website is live now.  It's pretty basic at the moment, as all of our effort is being spent on the videos, but it's easier to remember  than the or youtube addresses.