Sunday, March 4, 2012

Our Latest Obsession.

It's 1:30am.  I have to admit my wife is right.  I am obsessed.

Lynn and I had this argument a few weeks back.  Though it's difficult to remember the details exactly, here's my version...

Lynn was moaning about what some exec or other had said to her.  I wasn't listening.  I'd heard it all before and I was bored.  One of our flawed traits is to assume that someone else will have the answer, that someone will be more knowledgeable than us.  It's a flaw, but it's often difficult to spot when you're tired and, let's face it, who wants the opposite situation where you wrongly ignore the advice of an expert because you didn't like what they said?

So I suggested that it might be nice if she put more time and effect into creating our own products.  Why didn't she write her blog?  Those photographs of abandoned couches are nice, but maybe she could actually write something.  Maybe instead of complaining about someone else, we could just do our own thing.

Lynn was angry, so she 'mentioned' that if we were going to do something our selves, it should be short and interesting and follow a structure.  And it shouldn't be live, because it should be scripted and well put together...  There after followed a 'spirited' conversation where we thrashed out a concept for what we've called "This Day Today."

And then we made a big decision!   To employ the principles of JFDI - that's JUST F*CKING DO IT!  We've had good ideas before and not implemented them fully, waiting for the right time, over thinking the marketing, getting too scared of the costs, etc.  Not this time - JFDI.

So we made 5 test videos.  We showed them to friends.  They liked them.  We got some more writers.  We set our selves a stretch target - to start posting the videos in just over 2 weeks time - March 1st.  (A stretch target being one that you think might be possible, but isn't that probable).

From that point on, Lynn was obsessed with getting the pieces written and getting interesting performers on board.  Then as it all become reality, I became obsessed with which video platform, how to do the filming, editing, web presence.......

And then I realized one night.  California is behind the times, literally.  New Zealand is 21 hours ahead of us.  That stretch target became Feb 29th at 3am.  Yes I am obsessed.

So here you have it, we just f'ing did it...  http://Blip.TV/ThisDayToday   And if you like it, we'll keep doing it too.