Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Damp Shirt Tuesday.

No temper tantrums at swimming today.   In fact no swimming either.  My littlest thug had a wee touch of the nerves and never ventured beyond sitting on the steps.  He played with the toys for a bit, but got nervous.  Maybe it was the pressure of all those parents watching and waiting for another screaming and kicking show of strength, all of them wondering if a child could ever get more red with anger than the tomato color he achieved yesterday.

When he would no longer even sit on the step, I crouched by the pool, playing with the toys trying to tempt him back in.  Meanwhile he ran behind me and attempted to squeeze all the water from his swim diaper down my back.  Damp shirt Tuesday!

We have a new plan for tomorrow...  Philip, his instructor, will just grab him from the start and I'll hide.  With no one to save him, there'll be no choice but to swim... well that's the theory!

I've briefed Philip on my 3 year old's ability to fell grown adults with a single blow...  As usual no one believes that such a cute little guy could be so adept at unarmed combat, but they all come around eventually...

I'm considering taking an old dictaphone with me to capture the screams... most likely from Philip!