Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Damper & Shorter.

First swim lesson with Monica was tricky.  Would you expect anything else?  The little man was adamant that he didn't want to go swimming.  So I had to carry his 38lb bulk into the school, whilst trying to convince him that we were just going to meet Monica and play with toys.  He was short on trust.

Once at the pool-side he was not happy with the setup at all.  It was all looking like I was going to relive yesterday's tantrum in Target - they viciously position $129 talking Buzz Lightyears at toddler height.... need I saw anymore?

Monica persuaded me to sit on the side and dip my feet in... more damp shorts!  Eventually, he put his feet in too, started playing and then Monica even coaxed him to practice kicking.  On exiting the pool I think he was actually quite cocky.

Perhaps there's still a glimmer of hope we'll release his inner Sea Monster!