Friday, August 27, 2010

Firemen are hot, apparently.

Here in the San Fernando Valley it's hot.  It's not like we didn't expect it to be this hot, just this year the heat's come late.  In fact the weather has been gloriously comfortable and cheaper to run than last year.  I doubt we've even used the air conditioning, except for when we've guests.  

Our numerous guests have been ok with the weather, but we have them stay in a room above the garage...heat rises and loves to hang around our pals!  At one point, our nephew's girlfriend nearly passed out whilst using the hair dryer.  So I relented and showed them where the thermostat is!  I know, I sound cheap.  I kind of am though, when it comes to unnecessary waste.  Our visitors are nearly always from the UK - when you leave a UK house you turn the thermostat down to reduce the heating bills...   It's not their fault, it's just habit... and our bills.  See I'm cheap!

Wednesday was even hotter for some.  A friend of ours organized a private tour round Fire Station 41 as "a treat for our boys" so she said.  However, she and Lynn seemed more interested in the calendar shoot potential of the firemen.  Our boys loved it, we even got driven round the block in the Fire Truck.  Both boys were smiling from their eyes... so were the ladies!  I can't say much more as it's really difficult to avoid double entendres, but Lynn did say she'd seen a bigger hose...