Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Prince.

My eldest is a prince among men.  I know, that sounds like the rubbish that parents all over the World spout out all too often.  Our guy is different though and today he showed some of his princeliness.

The swimming lesson today was easy.  Our monster didn't want to go at all, but his big brother did so he tagged along.  The shorter, grumpier one even allowed me to get him dressed in his swimming stuff - not that he wanted to go swimming just he wanted to copy his brother.  All the way to the school, I listened to how he didn't want to go swimming.  When we got there Monica was fantastic and spontaneously put the princely-one to work as a play-mate and mentor to the little monster.  Within 2 minutes there were giggles coming from that pool....  The monster even said 'Thank You' at the end of the lesson!  Monica's hoping the prince will become a regular accomplice in the fight against swimming ignorance.

Our boys are usually great together, sometimes they are a bit boisterous, but mostly they get along due the patience of the older prince and the wicked humor of the young monster.  I used some of the monster's birthday cash to get him a Buzz Lightyear scooter and now the two of them are like some kind of sweet version of a 50's biker gang.  Every night they cuddle and the prince reads reads a bed time story to his adoring, if a little controlling, brother.

I think I need to watch some sports, drink beer and listen to punk rock... I'm becoming soft and slushy!