Thursday, August 5, 2010

Time trials.

Before becoming the stay-at-home Dad, I would have never believed that so much of the job was about timing.  Here's my timeline for this morning:

06:50 - Alarm sounds, I hit snooze but immediately there's the call of 'DAD!!!'
07:00 - Now both boys are up and Mrs T has a cup of tea.
Somehow time disappears in a flurry of cereal and clothes....
08:57 - Leave the house with both boys.
09:03 - I drop off my eldest at his day camp - sunscreen applied in parking lot and backpack thrust at him with snack, drink, and ice cream cash.
09:11 - Arrive at Ralphs, almost dragging the little guy round, picking up washing machine detergent, furniture polish and Ajax.
09:17 - Arrive home, pop my head round the door and hand the cleaning stuff to our cleaner / housekeeper - I had a week to get this stuff but somehow never had the time.
09:23 - Arrive at swim school.
09:24 - Instructor says he thinks that the lesson is at 11:00.  I check my Blackberry calendar, he's right.  ARRRGH!
I end up going to a store and getting some cheap shorts for the little guy - he's been growing again.
10:50 - Back at swim class...

Swimming was a success I think.  He got dunked under twice and didn't seem to scream too much.  Philip finished up the lesson wheezing, "If you let go of my throat, you can get out of the water.."  I think it might be the beginnings of a breakthrough!