Monday, August 9, 2010

Third time lucky?

We had a lovely weekend which included a play date for the boys, going on a hike, fixing the sprinkler system, painting deck chairs, smashing down a garden wall and Lynn getting stung by a drowning wasp.  

Too much to cover in any blog with the word 'short' in the title, but I do want to mention our hike.  We thought we'd like to see the ducks and turtles in the lake at Franklin Canyon and stumbled on a wedding party that included some people Lynn works with.  I was asked to stand in for the rabbi who was running late... I guess this is quite normal for a hike in LA?!  Obviously being asked to stand in for a late rabbi is normal everywhere, but we don't know that many people here so it was really quite unusual to randomly meet someone we know. 

Today was the last swim lesson with Philip.  Our monster from the deep clearly has developed an aversion to the lovely Philip.  Whilst the lesson was... er, 'happening' (not sure that's the right word!)...the  screams were so loud that the swim school owner came out of his office to see what was going on.  He recommended that we try another instructor and so I booked Monica for the remainder of the week.  

When the lesson time finished, Philip suggested that I try someone else and looked relieved that I'd already set it up!  I also made sure to tell Philip's boss how successful he'd been with my older son as it's not really a failure as such when two people don't work well together... particularly when a 3 year old is involved.

The first instructor only managed to get the little guy to put his feet in the water, so Monica will be his third at this swim school.  Three's a good and lucky number.... I hope.