Monday, August 2, 2010

The Inspiration of Damp Shorts.

Today could be described as a bad day, but it got me off my bum to start this blog... so it's probably a terrible day!

My youngest son had the mother of all tantrums at his swimming lesson.  He's only 3, but now even he knows that he struggles with his temper!

I 'enjoyed' all of the essential elements of the tantrum.  Obviously, the screaming son is essential but just as essential are the disapproving looks from other parents, the looks of pity from others, the 'trying to be helpful' staff and the indignity of hugging my very wet and shouting toddler as a method of restraint - which of course led to the damp shorts!  I think every parent in this position feels pretty much the same, just as a Dad I think there's more interest from the surrounding Moms in how a Dad copes...or as they seem to wish... not cope!

My plan to conquer this challenge is to document it.  If I document it then perhaps I can give it some perspective in my tiny brain.  You see the biggest challenge is not 'losing it' yourself.  No one needs to witness my tantrums, especially my sons.

Straight after the tantrum, I managed to persuade a very quiet, 'sorry' from the little guy and then I signed him up for a lesson every day this week.  I wasn't punishing him... honest.  I think I might have been punishing me.... we'll see!