Friday, August 27, 2010

Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance.

I was jealous today.  Jealous of my wife!  She gets to hide herself away and write.  You see she can do it legitimately, it's her job / profession.  My job is to look after the boys and keep the house running smooth.  It's a great arrangement mostly... but you can get too much of a good thing.  3 months of school holiday is taking it's toll.

You see the issue with my job is much the same as with any business.  There's that common saying in business, "If you stay still, you die."  It's true of parenting too.  The best days are invariably where you took the initiative and planned an activity in advance - something achievable, rewarding and fun.  I didn't do that today and so I paid the price.  The price is bored kids and the inability to organize a single thought in your head because there's a bored child shouting, pulling at you or trying to use the refrigerator shelves as a ladder.

If you add to the mild nightmare of an unprepared day, a distinct lack of sleep and a very minor household stocking issue, you start to find yourself thinking maybe a job wouldn't be such a bad idea.  We were out of dishwasher tablet things.  Not a huge oversight, but a very visible one as the dirty dishes started to stack up.  

So when Lynn took a break from writing, I sneaked out alone to our local supermarket.  I was just standing, staring at where the dishwasher tablet things should be, thinking I must be going mad cause they don't have any either, when this older lady loudly laughed at me.  Whilst steering her cart past me she chortled, "Can't you choose sweety?"  Now that might be funny, really it might.  However, it felt pretty sexist to me and she was lucky that I spend my days looking after my boys and have almost completely lost the art of the quick, incisive retort.

I supposed that I shouldn't be troubling my pretty little head with the tricky choices of modern house management.  I should get myself back into the kitchen, like a proper little hubby.  So I got the tablet things elsewhere and went home and made home-made pizza.... which I burnt.

Perhaps I'm paying for every sexist joke that I might have ever sniggered at - I'm clearly a no-good male chauvinist pig.