Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday feels like Tuesday.

So here's my method for writing a blog.  First, set up some kind of activity with the most feisty child you have.  Second, whilst that child naps in the afternoon go for a swim to calm down and think through the day.  Third, quickly type it up as fast as you can as any minute now he's going to wake up....

So far so good, or probably so far so mediocre!  My point is that we all find our coping strategies and mechanisms to get through it all.  And then there's some days that just exist to remind you that you're not that clever... and no matter how much you try, coping is the best you can manage.

1. This morning my lovely boys awoke just before 6am.  Why?  I don't know.
2. My laptop has decided to become more like a PC than a Mac, i.e. temperamental.  Apparently the hard disk needs repaired.
3. I noticed that one of the sprinklers was leaking at the valve, I'd 'fixed' it before just by tightening it and it seemed loose again....  Why I didn't predict what came next I don't know!  Damp shorts again, in fact pretty much damp everything.

The little guy's swimming lesson was just before his nap was due.  That didn't help his mood. The nice girl in the swim school office could hear his screams today and chuckled as I booked him in for next week.  I even tried to record the screams to post later, but my Blackberry crashed with the sensory onslaught - not joking!

I'm now off to a hardware store to buy a rather specific 1" bit of plastic tubing adapter, I'll bet I have to but four different types to be sure I get the right one.

There's no day camps next week, I'm going to have both my boys to entertain and keep safe.  So should be fun....

Have a great weekend.